PRAO’s 5-Step Quality Check: Ensuring Exceptional Fashion Jewellery 

At PRAO, we are committed to curating a collection of only the finest fashion jewellery. Every piece submitted to us goes through a rigorous 5-step quality check before being considered for listing on our platform. This comprehensive evaluation ensures each item meets our high standards for design, craftsmanship, and wearability.

Step 1

Design Originality & Creativity:

Concept & Story: We assess the originality of the design concept and whether it tells a unique story or evokes a specific emotion.

Innovation & Technique: We evaluate the use of innovative techniques, materials, or combinations to push the boundaries of fashion jewellery design.

Cohesiveness & Balance: We analyze the overall composition of the piece, ensuring the elements come together harmoniously in terms of size, shape, colour and proportion.

Step 2

Aesthetics & Trend Relevance:

Visual Appeal: We assess the overall visual impact of the piece, considering its visual balance and colour harmony.

Trend Awareness: We evaluate the piece's alignment with current fashion trends while also considering its timelessness and potential to become a future classic.

Target Audience: We ensure the piece caters to the diverse stylistic
preferences of our audience, offering a range of styles from bold and
statement-making to delicate and understated.

Step 3

Craftsmanship & Durability:

Material Quality: We evaluate the quality of the materials used, ensuring they are durable, safe for skin and ethically sourced.

Construction Techniques: We assess the construction methods used, focusing on their strength, longevity, and ability to withstand everyday wear.

Finishing & Polish: We analyze the quality of the finishing and polishing, ensuring the piece is free from imperfections and has a smooth,
consistent surface.

Step 4

Plating Quality & Safety:

Plating Materials: We carefully evaluate the type of plating used, ensuring it is free from harmful substances and skin safe. 

Plating Consistency: We assess the consistency of the plating across the entire piece, ensuring a uniform and flawless finish.

Durability of Plating: We evaluate the expected longevity of the plating, considering factors like wear and tear and potential exposure to chemicals or harsh environments.

Step 5

Overall Wearability & Comfort:

Weight & Balance: We assess the weight and balance of the piece, ensuring it is comfortable to wear for extended periods without causing strain or discomfort.

Fit & Functionality: We evaluate the fit and functionality of the piece, ensuring it secures properly and functions as intended.

Versatility & Mix-and-Match Potential: We assess the piece's versatility and its ability to be mixed and matched with various outfits and styles.

By meticulously evaluating each piece through these rigorous steps, PRAO ensures that our curated collection offers exquisite craftsmanship, innovative design, and lasting wearability. We are dedicated to providing both designers and customers with a platform that celebrates exceptional fashion jewellery and empowers individual style expression.